Being a Mom

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Being a Mom

Who makes you feel better when you fall down and scrape your knee? Who loves you even though you accidentally broke her favorite vase? Who cooks, cleans, washes, and irons your clothes? Who always has open arms to give you a hug? Who stays up late with you during the night when you’ve had a bad nightmare? The super woman of the world … your mother! Who else?

Being a mother means experiencing life with smiles and frowns, laughter and tears, worry and tranquility. It is the ultimate emotional, (physical and mental) rollercoaster ride of your life! Women who are mommies are always there for their children twenty-four/seven, ready to sacrifice themselves for their children without hesitation.

For me, being a mother means thinking of others before myself—my children come first and foremost. And yes, despite the fact that they can be demanding at times, they make my life meaningful and special. Each day, I eagerly face the day as a mother. Never is there a dull moment in my life since the birth of my first son, Jacob, nine years ago (‘99) and then my second son, Seth, five years ago (‘03). When they hug me and tell me, “You’re the best mom in the whole wide world, we love you mom,” let’s just say, that makes it all worthwhile being a mom, erasing all of those little difficult moments of parenthood. I smile instantly and feel so fortunate to have my two boys a part of my life.

Children can speak so truthfully at that young age that it makes us wonder why we forget to verbalize those words more often, to our mothers, as adults. Yes, on Mother’s Day many of us remember our mothers by taking them out for lunch, overwhelming them with love and attention, and even presenting her with gifts of appreciation. But why should mothers be treated special only on this particular day? It should be year-round.

I believe women are blessed when they become mothers. Naturally, not all women are suited or even want to consider being a mother. But for those of us that are, we thank GOD for blessing us with our sons and daughters. Being a mother involves experiencing a special kind of love, like no other.

Each and every day, I learn something new about motherhood. I remember when I became a first-time mom. I was constantly calling my mother for advice and support. My mother-in-law and step-mom were also extremely encouraging, as well as my two grandmothers. As my son, Jacob, grew from this little bundle of a person to an inquisitive, cheerful, and outgoing little boy, I came to appreciate the opportunity of being his mom.

It’s also amazing how our children remind us of ourselves or our spouses. With both of my sons, Jacob and Seth, each have revealed bits of both of us. A mother can easily identify a child’s distinct personality, and laugh when we actually see ourselves in our child. Still, even physically, our children remind us of ourselves.

With our children year by year, we notice how they are growing up each with their own unique individuality. I guess it is safe to say that the adults we become, can all be due to our mothers. If our mothers were positive role models, we too, will be one and pass that on to our children. If she was an emotional, hugging type of mother, we also will be one to our children. And if our mother spent quality time with us a child, then guess what? We, as adults, will do the same for our children.

Now comes the feeling of worry as a mother. In the society that we live in, I think it is only normal to worry. Our children are our lives. We work to support and provide for them, giving them an education in preparation for their future. Some mothers worry needlessly. I believe through prayer and faith in GOD, mothers can overcome or at least, lessen their sense of worry towards their children.

Mothers (and fathers) are also responsible for instilling morals and religious beliefs. The younger the child is, the quicker he learns right from wrong, also teaching them that cursing, stealing and lying is a sin. And that believing in GOD the Almighty, we attend regular Sunday service to pray for the less fortunate, give gratitude for our lives, and continue His teachings towards mankind.

No woman automatically has a child and becomes a good mother. Learning from daily experiences makes us that special mom we are to our children. No mother is perfect. All of us have flaws. But with time, we become wiser and more mature. I realize now how difficult it was for my mother, to raise my little brother and me, all by herself. Personally, I think she did a good job! And I thank her for that.

To all mothers, enjoy your day with your family and remember you are doing a fine job being a super mom! Happy Mother’s Day!