Being Patient with Progress in Business When Life Needs You

by admin

Being Patient with Progress in Business When Life Needs You

My five year old just completed an intense two week-long struggle with health issues. She slept little, ate less, cried a lot, and we spent many hours trying to figure out what she needed to get better. It turned out to be a kidney infection and she’s doing fine now, but both my husband and I are still wiped out physically and emotionally from tending to her 24/7. Now that she’s doing better, I can get back to attending what I missed during that time. The “To Dos” on my iPhone are glaring at me and I’m a bit overwhelmed about what’s ahead of me to catch up. There’s a temptation to be frustrated about the time my daughter’s sickness stole from me, but that won’t help the situation. The best thing I can do is just accept the pile and see it for what it is and move forward from there.

I was reminded of this mindset when I participated in the uplifting Moms Who Make it Conference in SLC last week where Startup Princess was a sponsor and I was a speaker. The general theme was despite hard times (family circumstances, economy, trials, etc.) moms can move forward and achieve their dreams in life and business. While this current situation with my daughter’s health is relatively simple to rebound from as opposed to more difficult trials, I have been thinking today about the phrase “It is what it is” shared by Rachael Herrscher of Today’s Mama at the event. Rachael’s a great example of “not crying over lost milk” and when I think about her and what she’s learned this past year and manages to stay optimistic and move forward with a sense of humor, I’m encouraged to look at my pile and say for myself “it is what it is” and start digging my way out.

It’s clear that life is supposed to interrupt us and re-center us on our priorities. When our children are sick and we stop dead in our tracks we reconnect with our deepest natural instincts to care and nurture, there’s no one else on the planet that can replace us in our homes. So when it’s time to return to the busy life of projects and To Do lists, let’s be more patient with ourselves and what we can accomplish and give ourselves a pat on the back that we were where we should have been. Because ultimately life is only about two things—love and learning, not projects.