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Being a Wife and Mom

      A woman with three intelligent sons and a loving,good provider husband is all I possess and I call them my wealth,my life and everything that made my world complete. A full time mom to them is not an easy road to walk through,i have put my personal dreams aside and put my trust only to GOD and no other,guiding my kids to give them good upbringing is a priority on my list.
      Full time housewife is an equally not easy task as full time mom. But somehow God is so good to me that He never failed me every time I'm down in my knees to pray for help..
I have few friends that i call them second moms to me,i prefer friends older in age as i am, because to me they have rich experiences better than i have that i can listen to and learn from them.
      To be a better person is a continuing process to learn everyday  throughout my lifetime..


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