A (Belated) Year in Review

by admin

A (Belated) Year in Review

I know, I know. 2010 has already been in full-swing for a month now, and everyone did their year in review and resolutions in January. What can I say? Punctuality has never been my strong suit.

So without further ado, my highlights of 2009 …

In January I revealed Baby Ricardo’s nickname . I also filled you in on some of the pros and cons of being knocked up! (Both Ricky and my mom hate it when I refer to my pregnancy as being knocked up, so of course, I feel the need to say it as often as possible.)

(Why, yes, I am a twelve year old. Why do you ask?)

February brought some surprises. I let you all see a (headless) picture of me and the bump. We also discovered that Daisy Boo was not actually a Daisy Boo!

In March jealousy reared its ugly head … twice!

The REAL Ricky and Lucy made an appearance on the ole blog in April.

Crazy pregnancy dreams plagued much of May.

June, of course, was the big month! I reflected on all of the changes we had been through in the past year. And then the biggest change of all arrived on June 11!

The blog was neglected during July and August as I adjusted to motherhood and fell more and more in love with Little Ricky every day.

But in September I was back with stories of my labor day, the first 3 shots from Little Ricky’s monthly photo shoots and the realization that motherhood was going to be wonderful and sad all at the same time!

In October I revisited the day we found out we were having a baby and showed off another monthly picture as well as the cutest little lion.

November and December were busy with the holidays but I did take time to share more monthly pictures.

So there you have it. My 2009. Obviously some months were slighted in the blog world and there were big events that didn’t make their way into the blog (yet! Holiday pictures are coming…someday.) But as I look back on everything that did make the blog I am amazed at the year Ricky and I had. Thanks for being along for the ride. Here’s to a wonderful 2010 for all!