The Coolest iPhone 11 Pro or Max Accessories We Can’t Resist

by Jin Moon

The Coolest iPhone 11 Pro or Max Accessories We Can’t Resist
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Sometimes what your phone case looks like can say more about you than your wardrobe. Just as in fashion design, cell phone accessories often involve a lot of thoughtful, artistic visions. And a really surprising, unexpected design can set you apart from the rest of the pack. It’s a way to personalize to your style. 


It’s a trend you’ll notice all the time now as you see people snapping selfies around you or fidgeting with their various phone accessories. When you pick well-designed products, it can bring a lot of joy to your life. So every now and then (or why not all the time if you really want), choose to be bold and playful. You can always get more “normal” looks as backups in case you need a more professional look for the office. We’ve got both creative and sophisticated options here for you.


Looking for a new case to fit your new iPhone? Need to finally consider a phone grip because your phone is too big for your hands? Think some fancy phone lenses will make your selfie looking super pro? Scroll down to enjoy our favorite accessory picks, and get ready for the compliments and admiration. 



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Casetify Crystal Ball iPhone Case


Feeling a little witchy? If you're looking for a phone case with mystical powers, this may be the Casetify for you. There's a crystal ball and other magical design details that are clear so you can see the liquid neon swishing around behind the transparent plastic. It's super sturdy and will protect your new iPhone from accidental falls, but mostly we are just obsessed with this unique look. It comes in "Green/Yellow," "Blue/Pink" and "Yellow/Orange."

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PopSockets Lip Balm Pop Grip


We were pretty resistant to phone grips until we got a new iPhone 11 Pro and could no longer comfortably hold our phones. Lucky for us, PopSockets help solve this problem with their Pop Grips. There are so many designs to choose from so you can really find a design that resonates with you. You can even customize your own on the PopSockets site. We especially love these lip balm Pop Grips so you can keep your pout moisturized at all times. The tops are replaceable and swappable!

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Aqonsie Charging Bracelet Cable


It's always such an annoyance to look through your bag for the charging cable, especially when you're on-the-go. Why not make it easy on yourself and wear it as a bracelet? This low-key, braided design will keep you stylishly charged (even though you may not need the extra juice with how long these new iPhone batteries last)!

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Xcentz 10-Foot iPhone Lightning Charger


Once you have experienced the awesomeness of having a 10-foot charging cable, you will never want to go back. Having a cord so long makes you free to wander if you need to. You never have to stress out about standing near the power outlet because your phone's battery is dying. We have at least four of these in our house, and it's such a game changer. Sometimes it's the little things like this that bring us joy and make our lives just a tad bit easier. This electric blue color really does it for us.

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LanLuk 25800mAh Portable Charger Power Bank


We love how this power bank looks like a Louboutin with its slick, black exterior and red accents. Most external batteries don't look this chic. You don't ever have to worry about running out of battery life. It's got dual ports and so much juice that you can charge your iPhone and your iPad at the same time. Now that's real power.

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Luxtude myColors 10000mAh Small Portable Phone Charger


Just because it's a tiny battery doesn't mean it has to be basic. These Luxtude portable batteries come in different colors and designs so you can make a statement even while you're charging. Also you get two chargers at an amazing affordable price! Are you more artistic and prefer the brilliant paintings of Van Gogh? Get the "Starry Night & Blossoming Tree" two-pack. If you're more into a sophisticated look, you can opt for the elegant, black-and-white designs.

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Newseego Cute Animal Cord Charger Protector


An easy way to prolong your lightning cable life is investing in a charger protector. Have a little fun even while being practical like this, and opt for these cute animal protectors. It will keep your cords from fraying and keeps your plug in place while you're charging. Every time you use it, the tiny, adorable animal faces are sure to crack a smile! This is a 12-pack set so you get a lot for your money and can swap out depending on your mood.

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Mophie Powerstation Mini Portable Charger


It's actually kind of difficult to find a portable charger that's in a cool color. Most designs are very boring. We did find these amazing Mophie options in "Hot Pink" and "Light Blue." The bright colors also make finding this little gadget in your bag so much easier to spot. Simply having items in your favorite color can do the trick and make the product feel more personalized to your taste. Yes, even a charger can reflect your style!

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Native Union Drop Wireless Charging Pad


We are all about the woven design of this wireless charging pad from Native Union. Most wireless charging pads are usually not thought out with such a fashionable angle in mind, but this one has a cozy look that we're really digging. It's super slim, which means it will fit easily into you purse or pocket without weighing you down. If you're trying to pick the best color, we think it pops the most in "Rose."

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ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger Mount


Wouldn't it be great if you never had to fiddle around with a lightning cord while you're driving or navigating? A wireless car charger mount solves this problem. It clicks right into your dashboard air vent, and you just slide your phone into place. The clamps on either side will close and hold your phone in place. Tap on the quick-release button on the side when you're done. The Qi wireless battery provides a fast charge with no unsightly, messy cords necessary. With over 4,000 reviews and a 4.5 star rating, this one is a winner.

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TOPGO Cute Bear Silicone Phone Holder


You won't really see a phone mount that looks quite like this one. We love the cute bear design, but it's balanced because the entire grip is black so there's a subtlety there. It's compatible with phone grips that are shaped like PopSockets Pop Grips. Even cuter, you can secure the lightning charging cord right into a slip in side of the bear's ear. Use it in the car or really wherever you want a phone mount.

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PowerDigital Diamond Tempered Glass Screen Protector


If you've invested a lot of money into your phone, it's smart to also invest in accessories that protect it. One of the first buys is usually a screen protector. No one wants a pimped out phone with a broken screen. But did you know you can kick it up a notch and get a sparkly screen protector? That's our favorite type. This one from PowerDigital is made with tempered glass to make it tough, and the twinkling diamonds will have others envious of your shine! It's a two-pack set so save one for later or give one to a friend.

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BUQU Pina 2500 mAh Pineapple Power Bank


This tropical power bank looks like a golden pineapple and clips onto your keychain or backpack. Always have power wherever you go, but do it with a playful wink. The battery lasts between three to five hours so it's perfect for a quick way to save a dying phone. You'll definitely get comments on how fun your charger is. This also makes a great present for your entire squad.

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Kikkerland Phone Disco Light


Literally bring the party (lights) with you with this Kikkerland Phone Disco Light. It plugs right into the lightning jack on your phone. The best part is that it actually pulses with the music you're playing. Its multi-color flair will amp up a dull atmosphere. Let's be honest, it will transform any space or event wherever and whenever you decide to break it out. Start making your Spotify playlists, and get ready to play deejay!

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Urbanears Plattan II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


It's really all about the wireless headphones these days. You don't have to spend a ton to have a stylish pair. These Urbanears on-ear headphones come in fun and classic colors and have an ergonomic ease. The cordless design will make you free to roam (and maybe even dance). You'll look even cooler wearing the "Icon Blue" color.

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MOB Mobility on Board Dancing Panda Bluetooth Speaker


You won't believe your eyes when you see this panda start dancing to your playlist. It's actually a bluetooth speaker that shakes its little hips. That alone will bring you endless amounts of joy, and if you break this out at a party, people will definitely be filming some boomerangs for their 'gram. It's a guaranteed hit!

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Native Union Marquetry AirPod Case


You've probably got AirPods by now for your shiny new iPhone, and you're probably not into the stark white case they come in. There are lots of AirPod case covers on the market, but we really feel like this Native Union design is special. The marquetry pattern is striking but classy. It comes in black and grey or rose and tan combinations.

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Ragu 10-in-1 Phone Lens Kit


With the iPhone 11 Pro or Max, you've definitely got a better cell phone camera. But like everything in life, it can always be made better. This phone lens kit from Ragu, you get 10 items to help you perfect that pic: two telephoto lenses, a fisheye lens, a 25x macro lens and a wide angle lens, as well as a tripod, lens clip, cleaning cloth, carrying case and a bluetooth controlled remote shutter. Now practice your pose!

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UnnFiko Wallet Case with Shoulder Strap


This wallet case looks like a delicate purse, but it will be the perfect case for your new iPhone 11 Pro or Max. There's a little pouch on the back that holds your cards. It's got a black crossbody strap encased in gold chain links to elevate this to a more fashionable piece. Stylish and functional? Yes, please.

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ZVE iPhone 11 Pro Max Crossbody Chain Handbag


If you can't quite afford the Bandolier cell phone bag designs, you can opt for this affordable dupe that basically looks the same for much less. The crossbody straps are great for safely carrying your new, huge iPhone Pro Max. There are nine different colors to choose from, but we are really drawn to the "Diamond" and "Midnight Green."

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LAMEEKU iPhone 11 Pro Crossbody Wallet Case


This is another crossbody wallet case that we think is super refined in its design. Marble patterns are popular with phone cases, but you don't see this pattern on carrying cases too often. There's a wallet attachment that snaps closed to store cards and cash. The case also has a bumper to protect your phone. We've all experienced the terror of accidental drops. No bueno.

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Kamisafe Portable Flexible Cell Phone Tripod


Setting up a good photo shot can be tough. It's all about getting the right angle at the right height. The flexible, black-and-white legs on this Kamisafe tripod will wrap around objects or stand so you can set and secure your phone pretty much anywhere to capture that magic shot. It comes with a wireless remote so you don't have to set the timer and run to try to make the shot. That's so old school!

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IYOYI Rhinestone Cell Phone Ring


If you're more into the phone grips that look like rings, this one is for you. It's pretty distinctive with its ladybug design in rose gold metal and red and white rhinestones for sparkle. When you put your finger through the ring, it actually looks like a rose gold ring with a diamond on it. The ring will keep your phone secure in your hand but also serves as a stand for watching videos. Also a bonus: ladybugs are good luck!

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Lenoup Glitter Bling Bling Phone Ring


In our opinion, you can never have enough glitter in your life. Get lots of bling on your phone ring with this Lenoup design that comes in black, silver, gold and rose gold. These are so cheap, you can get all four and replace them as you fancy. Make sure you place it exactly where you want it to be as the adhesive won't stick again after you take it off.

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PopSockets Black Car Dash & Windshield Mount


This phone mount from PopSockets sticks onto your car dashboard or windshield and is compatible with Pop Grips. Your phone can slide in and be in portrait or landscape mode. It doesn't leave a residue when you remove it. Customers say you can make the back tacky again by just getting it a little wet. That's a great tip to reuse the mount and move it around as needed! To be honest, you could use this mount beyond the car. Try it in your office or home, too.