The Best One-Sentence Parenting Advice

by Genny Heikka

The Best One-Sentence Parenting Advice

The road of parenting wasn’t meant to be walked alone.


It’s so helpful to be able to get together with other moms and talk about what’s working and what’s not, or share our successes, frustrations, and what we’ve learned.


Which is why I love the answers some of my blog readers shared when I asked, “What parenting advice would you give in one sentence?”


I loved reading their nuggets of wisdom and decided to put some of my favorites up today so others could read them too …


Karen said: “When you want to put your baby down, hold him for three more minutes and enjoy him instead.”


M.Z. said: “My advice to parents is to let their kids eat cake; they will only be children for a short period of time.”


Sandy said: “Be the parent and set the rules; the kid isn’t supposed to run the house!”


edj said: “Teach them to cook early on; it will simplify your life.”


Tami said: “Have dinner together every night; you learn so much from your kids during that thirty minutes.”


Golden Grasses said: “Sympathize with the hearts of your children.”


Kathy C said: “Write down memories as they happen and take a lot of pictures.”


And possibly my favorite …


Michele said: “Drink lots of coffee and don’t take the tantrums personally.”


What about you? Leave a comment with you one-sentence parenting advice.