Amazon Shoppers Say the Secret to Fighting Bacteria and Bad Breath Is This $8 Tool

by Caroline Harris

Amazon Shoppers Say the Secret to Fighting Bacteria and Bad Breath Is This $8 Tool

Image Credits: Amazon/Basic Concepts

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This is the best tongue scraper for banishing built-up bacteria and improving your oral health.


You know about brushing your teeth and your hair, but what about your tongue? The appearance of your tongue can actually say quite a lot about your health—signaling conditions like fungal infections, Kawasaki disease, and Celiac disease—so the next time you’re in front of a mirror, stick out your tongue and have a look. If your tongue is covered in a white or yellow coating, that means you’re an excellent candidate for tongue scraping—the use of a rounded tool to remove built-up debris from your tongue’s surface.


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The Benefits of Tongue Scraping


Together with tooth brushing and flossing, tongue scraping can help boost your oral health. The eating and drinking you do all day causes bacteria to build up on your tongue, along with the dead cells and debris that naturally accumulate over time. As a result, you may develop a white tongue when all that gunk becomes lodged between your tongue’s ridges and bumps.


That’s where tongue scraping comes in, banishing this build-up and in doing so, preventing dental decay and bad breath. The best part? Using a tongue scraper can even help enhance your sense of taste, making meal time more pleasant by allowing you to better differentiate among sweet, savory, and bitter sensations. 


Sure, you can use a toothbrush to remove that unseemly coating from your tongue, but it probably won’t be as effective: Researchers found that tongue scrapers remove 30 percent more of the volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) causing bad breath than toothbrushes.


The before and after photos circulating on the Internet are impressive, demonstrating how using a tongue scraper can help restore your tongue to a healthy pink appearance.


tongue scraping before and after product photo


Shop it! Basic Concepts Tongue Scraper ($7.99, amazon.com)


How to Use a Tongue Scraper


Scrape your tongue twice daily for best results. The treatment only takes about two minutes, so it’s easy to incorporate into your morning and night routines. First, you’ll need a tongue scraper. We recommend the Basic Concepts Tongue Cleaner, a product that has over 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon with happy shoppers stating, “this is a worthwhile investment for better oral hygiene.” It’s made of stainless steel and comes in a pack of three, with a two-handled design to secure your grip.


Stick out your tongue in front of a mirror, gently placing the rounded part of the scraper on the middle of your tongue. Once you’re used to tongue scraping, you can start at the back of your tongue, but beginners should be careful to avoid hitting the gag reflex. 


Slowly push the scraper toward the front of your tongue using light strokes and removing the debris you collect after each scrape with a tissue. Remember to always move from the back of your tongue to the front, and not the other way around. Repeat the process up to three times, then clean the tongue scraper with soap and warm water, making sure to store the product in a dry area.


The Basic Concepts Tongue Cleaner is currently on sale on Amazon and can be yours for just $7.99. The product earns a near-perfect 4.8 rating for removing plaque and freshening breath. One excited customer wrote, “I feel like a whole new woman with a whole new mouth.” Another declared, “I was absolutely floored by the amount of bitter, white/yellow, tacky sludge released from my poor tongue.” What are you waiting for? Begin your foray into tongue scraping by shopping the best tongue scraper, below.


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