Better to Be the Bully?

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Better to Be the Bully?

When it comes to bullying, would you prefer your child to be the aggressor?

Many of you may have recently seen the case of fifteen-year-old Phoebe Prince. She was the subject of a three-month long campaign of bullying that included verbal assaults and threats of physical violence. Her suicide, on January 14th followed a torturous day for her. And there are reports that her tormentors showed little remorse after her death, continuing to publish slurs against the girl online, with one of them posting “Accomplished” as her Facebook status update the day the girl died.

Today, one Truu Mom confessed:

My son is a bully in school. I am in the principal’s office more than anyone is, so much so that she remembers the pink sweater shirt I wore last week and says it looks better with the scarf. I am glad he is a bully and not being bullied I would rather go to bail him out than scrape him off the floor. I am sorry but I am not proud of his behavior in fact he is grounded and his room is stripped of everything but a bed but I cant help but be relieved to know that he won’t be the weak link and I won’t have to worry about that. I just want a happy medium where he isn’t hurting anyone or being hurt.

We realize this is a complex issue, with lots of individual considerations. But when it comes down to it, would you prefer your child were the bully? Or the bullied?

Originally published on truuconfessions.com