Big Words

by admin

Big Words

“I would rather go upstairs.” “What does rather mean?” “It means you would like to go upstairs!”

“Why can you see water?” For some of you this might be an easy one. Well, I took another easy way out. I called dad to explain this one!

I’m sorry, Roo boy, but you cannot argue with a word like fraught, Tigger says (from the movie, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh).

A five-year-old’s enquiring mind can suck you dry, but how else will they learn if not by asking and trying out new big words!

Big words—my husband believes that you should reply with the right words and not always try the simple explanation. Keep it simple, I say. Simple limits the amount of questions that can be thrown back at you!

I guess in some bizarre way there is a balance. Rob gives the correct explanation, not that I would ever make up stories; well, not all the time. Rob uses the bigger words and I take the easy way out.

In grade one, I received a certificate for “Wiskunde” (math). I stood on the stage very proud of this piece of paper that must mean something … but I had no idea what wiskunde was. In class, we called it sums!

I never received any other certificate, well, not that I can remember, until St5, when I received one for, you guessed it, Wiskunde. In St8, I dropped wiskunde and decided to take Geography. What was I thinking? Map work!