Birth Control Reminder

by admin

Birth Control Reminder

I can’t believe I never posted this story. I find it quite funny and have been meaning to share for a while, so here goes …

A few months ago, Little Ricky were taking a plane ride home, just the two of us. It’s always easier to travel with him when Daddy’s around, but this time it was just us. Little Ricky was not awful on this flight, but at times he got a little fussy. And as we were squooshed into the window seat on a very full flight there wasn’t much I could do about it.

Sitting next to us was a young lady who was mid-twenties, tops. Unlike most folks we’ve flown with she didn’t seem too interested in my beautiful bambino.

That is until he started to cry. At which point she looked at him, leaned down to pull something out of her purse and proceeded to take her birth control pill.

Now I ask you—am I taking it personally to think that my adorable child is what prompted the pill popping?