A Birth Mom’s Updates

by admin

A Birth Mom’s Updates

Well, they are just very impor­tant! It’s kinda like receiv­ing your monthly pay­check, because if you didn’t get it … it would be hard to sur­vive. I wouldn’t know though, I guess, because I’ve never received a monthly pay­check for a con­sis­tent amount of time!

So, I get the updates of my daugh­ter sent to my parent’s house, because I seem to be mov­ing every year or so and don’t want them to get lost. But my dad has replaced our mail­box with a fortress of iron or metal or something … it’s big, brown, ugly, and embed­ded deep in the ground like the mail­box drops at the post office. We had our brick one van­dal­ized so many times, and even­tu­ally we traded looks for con­ve­nience. This one isn’t going any­where!

I was get­ting wor­ried because no update had come yet. Then yes­ter­day I got a call from my dad, say­ing he had it (and had already opened it too … lol!) It turns out it had been stuck in the mail­box since Jan 15! She can walk now and she loves to explore and “talk!” They said her laugh is con­ta­gious for every­one! I have three favorite parts of the let­ter too … ( I won’t share any per­sonal info though, so it may not make seem that impor­tant. It is to me though!)

1. They went on vaca­tion to the same place we did this year and they were arriv­ing as we were leav­ing. I am pretty sure we must have used the same air­port too. What are the chances of that! God likes to keep us close I think …

2. I’ll just say my favorite red cow­girls boots may come in handy for her some day!

3. My fam­ily kids me because most of the time, if they ask me if I want to do some­thing, I say … Sorry, “I’m too busy.” It may look to oth­ers like I haven’t a thing impor­tant to do, but I find a way to always stay “busy” even if it is just orga­niz­ing my sock drawer or some­thing. It’s always very impor­tant that it be done right then too. So, in the let­ter there is one sen­tence that sim­ply says … “she is always very busy!” I loved that so much…there is impor­tant stuff to be doing!

And of course, she is beau­ti­ful! So glad I finally got some pictures … I couldn’t have made it much longer with­out. I know she is safe and happy and pro­tected always, but it sure helps to be reminded with pic­tures! I will start check­ing the mail from now on …