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I wanted to tell you about my baby daughter. She was seven months premature with a lot of complications. I didn’t even know I was pregnant until six months later. She was taken by C-section at seven and a half months at St Mary’s Hospital.

My husband and several church members were there. I was not expected to make it, another story. Although every thing that could go wrong did, but with prayers and a lot of good doctors, I gave birth to a ten-pound, four-ounce baby girl. Although she looked pink big and beautiful, she could not eat or breathe. They rushed her to the nearest children’s hospital. We named her Le Anna. 

She was in an incubator for eight weeks because she was not fully developed inside. Her little arms and chest were full of equipment to keep her alive. This story is very brief, although, I said all that to tell you one arm was kept out of the blankets her little hands were so tiny. The plastic holes they put their arms through to turn her over and to check her were being used quite often. One nurse and Terry, her Daddy, and I held her hand for those eight weeks. We would hold her by her wrist. She had many checkups because of her heart and her problems. 

No one noticed the small red birthmark on her wrist, until the day we had her finial release. We were all so surprised. But that’s not the end of the story. She came home blind, she couldn’t sit up, and could barely suck her bottle. But through many prayers she was healed at six months old completely. When she was four years old, one of her cousins was at our home and asked her what’s that little mark on your wrist. Do you know what she said, “Jesus held my hand when I was a little baby.”

This is a true story although I left out some very interesting facts. Le Anna is now thirty-two years old and a mother of two beautiful boys. Birthmarks are for a reason, at least to some of us.