Blessing from Above

by admin

Blessing from Above

I was married on August 24, 1996, this was both of ours second marriage, he had four small children, and I didn’t have any, but I fell in love with him and the children the more I was around them. He and his ex wife had joint custody and the children seemed to be adjusting with that. The oldest was almost five and the youngest was only eight months old. Well I had to learn fast how to be a step mom, I had four at all different ages and let me tell you, it wasn’t always easy! But as the children adjusted, so did I!

Well as the years went by, and the children grew older, so did I, and I so badly wanted a baby of my own. I sometimes felt guilty for wanting one cause God blessed me with four wonderful step kids but I still felt like something was missing. About six years into our marriage I found out I have diabetes, and I had always had trouble with my periods, well the doctor said it has every thing to with my diabetes. Well I would go two years sometimes without a period, and I would gain weight then lose some and this went on for years, well one month I had started and of course it was a bad one, but then I would finally have one every month on time! 

So for about five years now I have had my cycle on time every month. Then in November of 2007 I was admitted into the hospital because of my diabetes and my blood pressure, the doctor told me I was a heart beat away from having a stroke. Well, I was put on insulin injections and about six other medications and I was doing much better, and felt better than I had in years! Then Christmas came around and I didn’t have my period, well I just thought it might be because of the different medications I had been taking, well then I was two weeks late, and I decided what the heck, I’ll get a test and take it, thinking it would be negative like all the rest I had taken over the eleven and a half years we had been trying!

Well this time it wasn’t, it was positive!! And I just couldn’t believe it, so I went and bought two more and they were positive! And I was still in shock! My husband and I just stared at the tests, looking at each other in amazement, we were so excited! After all the kids are all teens now, and we are gonna have a baby now in the house! I am worried about my diabetes and being pregnant, but the doctor says as long as I keep my blood sugar down that every thing should be fine, I have had to change my medications, cause some of what I was taking wasn’t safe for the baby, but, every thing seems to be working ok. I went to the doctor for my first visit and he wanted to do a sonogram and I found out I was seven weeks along at the time, but when I seen that little heart beating It was breathtaking! I just stared and cried, I couldn’t do any thing else but that! I am so thankful to GOD for blessing me with this beautiful little miracle, and I have learned that HE does things in his own time when its right for him, and me and my husband couldn’t be more blessed than we are right now!