Body Type and Pregnancy

by Michelle Moss

Body Type and Pregnancy

I’m going to share with you one of my best secrets to looking and feeling great during pregnancy (and beyond!) Trust me, once you know the secret, there’ll be no turning back. You’ll have figured out the solution to women’s body weight. What is it? It’s your body type.


Over the years there’s been many different people talking about body types. After working with thousands of women and witness what works I’ve put a little spin on it and tailored it specifically for pregnancy.


Before I begin, here’s my own little success story …


I’m what you would call a pear body type. I used to eat tons of carbohydrates (everything from muffins to pasta) and very little protein. I tried lots of things to lose weight, but I never worked with my body type. As hard as I worked I fed my problem areas keeping me unhappy with my body.


But by really understanding how to work with my body type, I’ve now adjusted my eating (and I’m not talking about any elaborate or restrictive diets here!). My body looks the best it ever has and I feel great!


Just the other day my male friend say you look great, have you been exercising a ton? And I said “No!” I’m just working with my body type.


The same goes for exercise! Before, I used to do tons of cardio and very little weights, especially for the upper body. This is also wrong for my body type! In fact, most Pears make the same mistakes!


Here’s a rundown on body types …


There are really four body types for women:


1. Apple
2. Pear
3. Celery
4. Cauliflower


The Pear


  • Is “bottom” heavy (larger hips and upper thighs)
  • Has narrow shoulders and a relatively small waist
  • Carries weight on her lower belly (sometimes referred to as a pot belly)
  • Loves bread, chocolate, and cheese (creams)


The Apple


  • Carries weight around her middle
  • Has a strong, thickset skeletal frame with broad shoulders, a large rib cage, narrow hips and muscular limbs
  • Typically builds muscle easily
  • Tends to love meat/protein


The Celery


  • The body is straight up and down
  • Celery’s typically like stimulants like coffee and cigarettes
  • Celery’s like candy, particularly hard candy
  • These are the women with the cute, round tummies


The Cauliflower


  • The body is round
  • There’s often problems with puffiness/swelling—usually from water retention
  • They crave salty foods
  • They typically gain weight everywhere

Originally published in Pregnancy without Pounds