The Bond That Never Breaks

by Michael Smith

The Bond That Never Breaks

I wrote this for my wife’s fiftieth birthday. Please take time to go to the link at the end to see the video.


She sat at the table, sipped a cup of coffee, and prepared herself for another day at work. The sky turned pink in the east. She was an early riser these days. Her demanding job saw to that. Her mind drifted a few days forward. She was excited. On Saturday, July 3, 2010, she and her husband planned for a night out and a hotel room away from the grandchildren, a night together to celebrate her fiftieth birthday. “Where have the years gone?” she asked herself. She loved her grandchildren, but being under the same roof for a year took its toll on her relationship with the man she loved. A night out was what she wanted for her birthday.


“Just get through this day, Lord,” she prayed. “I have a four day weekend and look forward to the break. Just get me through this day.” she repeated. It would be a long day. As soon as she and her husband got home, they planned to go to their oldest grandson’s baseball game. It was the first game of the Caldwell, little league tournament.


She was right. The day would be long, but it would end on a very high note. She was in for a surprise. Her family had planned a small gathering for her big day, but the plans changed the Monday before, when her son Brandon called his sister to tell her he was flying from North Carolina to Boise to be with his mom on her birthday.


Her husband left work that night and headed to her office to pick her up. Along the way, he ran into heavy traffic. He looked at his watch and silently cursed. The game was at 6:30. It was already 5:50. The traffic crawled. Her son waited at the ball field to surprise her. He tapped his steering wheel in frustration.


The three lanes merged into two and finally began to move. He reached her office. “I’m sorry, baby.” he said and kissed her. “The traffic was horrible. We’ll be late for the game.”


“The game is not until 7:00.”


“Really! I thought it was 6:30.”


“No! We’re fine, hun.”


They arrived home at 6:10. He hugged her. “There’s no rush. Let’s sit for a minute and let the day stress wear off.”




“There’s no rush. The field is only five minutes away.” He hid his excitement well.


“You were anxious a minute ago.”


“I know, but that was when I thought the game was at 6:30.”


“OK!” She looked at him. “If you say so.”


As they walked out the door at 6:40, her phone rang. It was her daughter. “Mom, where are you?”


“We’re just heading out the door. We’ll be there in a minute.” She closed her
cell phone and got in the car.


She and her husband arrived at the ball field. Her daughter had a folding chair ready for her to relax, let the day’s work drift away, and to watch the game. “I hope
they win,” she said.


“Me too.” her daughter said. “If they win this game, it gives them a good standing for the weekend games.”


She looked around. Her husband, daughter, son-in-law, and grand children all stood close by staring at her. Hands were placed on her cheeks from behind. She looked and knew they were a man’s hands. “It’s Rod,” she said.


“No!” the grandchildren giggled.


“Yeah! It’s Rod!” her daughter said.


“Well, that’s the only man I know who would put his hands on me.” She stared at her husband on her right, a puzzled look on her face. She leaned her head back and looked up at the face of her son, who leaned over her smiling. She looked toward the her family in front of her giggling. She looked at the man behind her again. It didn’t click. Her son wore a ball cap and sunglasses. The last person she would expect this day was her son. Once again she looked forward. Words escaped her. She stared at her family with that look of, “Who the heck is that and why are you all giggling.”


Her middle grandson giggled and pointed. “Surprise, Gingin. It’s uncle B!”


She turned again, looked and said one word, “OH!” and leaped from her chair, danced around it with her arms flailing in the air and then she was in her son’s arms.


“Happy Birthday, Momma!”


She hugged him tight, pulled back, looked at him, and hugged him again as tears of joy sprang from her eyes. Brandon said, “She looked at me like I was crazy.”


Brandon held his mom as his step-dad wiped tears from his own eyes, and thought to himself, “This is what life is all about, a boy, his mom, and a bond that never breaks.”


This story is the surprise I mentioned Ginny would have for her birthday. I wrote in the third person so you would think something else. Writing this story tonight brought those tears back again. I love Ginny and cry for the joy she received.


Happy Birthday, Baby!


Now I invite you to watch the video of Ginny and her son meeting.