Boy, Girl, or a Surprise?!

by admin

Boy, Girl, or a Surprise?!

I will start by telling you that I have relatively no experience in the baby/children field. I have no children (yet), just a dog that I happen to love as a child!

My predicament arose when my friend, who is due in a few weeks, decided to not find out what she was having. She says, “I think it will be the greatest surprise of all.” I happen to loathe surprises … I was the child to find all the Christmas presents every year and unwrap and rewrap them before my parents found out! I happen to think that my not finding out what she is having only makes gift giving a nightmare!

I guess, since I am biased from my hatred of surprises, I am shocked by her decision. I completely understand that this is not in any way my decision, but I cannot argue that it makes my job as a gift buyer a difficult task. I happen to be an “extreme gift giver.” I like to make the gift really gender specific. I am the one who will coordinate the entire gift. For example, I recently gave a girl baby gift completely engulfed with pink tidbits, from the bottles to the bows! I am struggling on what to give for a “Surprise baby.”

What do you think? I need some help!