The Boy Thing

by admin

The Boy Thing

I had my grandson, Aidan Fitzgerald, here for an overnight visit. I’ve always had a place for boys in my heart. I had three sisters, no brothers, and so they are something of a wonder and a mystery to me. When I had a son for a first child, I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t imagine anything more magical. My mother had four girls, and I had a boy! A creature who was so foreign to me that I gasped at the sight of him! It was such a wonder to have this son, who was like nothing I had ever experienced!

I was joyous the first time I changed his diaper and he peed all over my face! Did that bother me? No, it fascinated me! What a creation this was! I had never been truly, madly, deeply in love before, but I was now. He was my moon and my sun. When he was about three, he would come in from playing and he smelled. What a smell! Little sweaty-boy smell! I adored it! His scent was the most intoxicating thing I had ever smelled. I can only describe it as sweet musk mixed with a touch of chicken soup and a little clean dirt, along with peanut butter kisses and puppy. Of course, I had to bathe him, but the feeling his odor gave me was indescribable: fresh and clean in his pajamas, ready for bed, I knew the wonderful scent of him would return the next day.

My first grandson, Cyrus, was the next boy to completely steal my heart. I first saw Cyrus before he was five minutes old, right after he was released from his mother’s womb. He was born via a cesarean section, and he was the most perfect infant I had ever seen. Again, the intoxicating scent of boy! Cyrus will turn seventeen in just a few days. The days of “boy smell” are behind him now.

I have my grandson Aidan at age eight. He has the scent! Oh God! That scent! The smell of playing hard and innocence is the best scent in the world. Nothing will ever compare to it!

My darling daughter was born three years almost to the day of her brother. Sheila was a complete surprise. I thought I was having another boy. The first thing I thought was, Oh my God! What was I thinking? A girl, that’s what I really wanted! She was the prettiest baby I had ever seen. But I could sniff her for hours, and she still smelled “sweet.” My four beautiful granddaughters are also treasures, but there is not a smelly one in any of them.