Branding Your Business

by admin

Branding Your Business

Starting your own home business is a lot of fun! As you’re getting started, you’ll want to brand your business. Branding your business is creating your company’s identity. I encourage you to take a few of the ideas below with you when you start your branding process!

  1. Develop a name for your business. As a home business owner, you may be gifted with the ability to create something with your hands, or you may be providing a service to others. Whatever it might be, be sure to come up with a name to start your branding process.
  2. Buy a domain name that represents your business. Domain names can be purchased at sites like GoDaddy.com . With today’s technology, it is a must to have a website and represent your company online.
  3. Purchase business cards with your company’s name. Business cards can be very inexpensive through websites like VistaPrint.com .
  4. Develop a fan page on Facebook with your company’s name. Facebook has over 500 Million active users. Now that’s a huge resource!
  5. Have a company blog. A blog is a free webpage that you can set up through sites like Blogspot.com . Your blog should be updated frequently with promotions, new products, services, and contact information.
  6. Outgoing email signature lines. As a business owner, you’ll be sending out emails frequently. Be sure to put your business name as well as your Facebook link, blog link, and contact information in your signature line.

As you put these steps into place you’ll start the process of branding your business and increasing your outreach.