Breakfast Tip for Moms Who Watch Their Weight

by admin

Breakfast Tip for Moms Who Watch Their Weight

Since dropping the extra 70 pounds I was carrying around I’ve become very aware of portion sizes. I keep a simple kitchen scale hanging around to keep myself honest. Seeing what is actually considered a portion can be an eye opening experience. When I weighed out a single serving of my favorite breakfast cereal for the first time, I almost cried. A half a cup is really not that much and it looks ridiculous in today’s over sized bowls.

That’s why I started using my toddler’s bowls. Every morning (well … the mornings we aren’t eating eggs or pancakes) I pull out two toddler bowls and the toddler and I sit down for breakfast. You’d be surprised but one of those little bowls just fits an adult serving of most breakfast cereals. Add some fresh fruit and now you have an overflowing bowl of morning deliciousness instead of a sad looking portion controlled breakfast. It’s all about perception! Plus it’s fun, he gets a kick that I’m using one of his bowls and I don’t feel deprived. That’s a win-win-win!

In case you’re wondering, we are eating Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats Strawberry Delight this morning. It’s my toddler’s favorite!

Photo courtesy of Roni