Breast Feeding and Vegetarianism

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Breast Feeding and Vegetarianism

Being a vegetarian is not an outstanding thing today. More and more people start supporting vegetarian ideas and way of thinking, and consciously refuse from eating meat, fish, and many cases honey and dairy products as well.

Pregnant women who used to follow a vegetarian diet before and during pregnancy months are often worried if they can keep following after delivery when they breast-feed. It’s a great sign which means that a mom cares not only about her health but about the health of her newborn baby as well. Don’t worry: breast-feeding and vegetarianism are totally compatible things, but please be careful.

If you really believe and feel that you need to keep following your vegetarian diet during breast feeding months you have to take some measures to make sure that your baby gets all necessary vitamins and minerals from your milk for healthy and normal development. If you can’t intake enough amounts of necessary elements then you should consider two options of behavior: give up your vegetarian believes and start eating meat, fish, and dairy products, or (if you still can’t give them up) refuse from breast feeding and switch to artificial feeding. What baby needs is much more important than your opinion to food is.

Vegetarian meals offer many health benefits, but they also carry the potential for nutrient deficiencies. A vegetarian mother should know that a vegetarian diet can meet the nutritional needs of a breast-fed baby as long as it includes a variety of foods (such as legumes, grains, fruits, and vegetables) that contain vitamin B12, cobalamin, and other components that your doctor will surely list you.

Anyway refusing from breast feeding is the last thing that you should consider. Several researches have shown that breast-fed babies visit the doctor less often during the first six months than do bottle-fed infants. Breast feeding is an absolutely natural thing. Just think for a moment: what could be more important a woman than giving birth to a child? The answer is to do everything possible to grow a healthy child. Artificial feeding will never be as good as mother’s breast milk. Moreover breast milk immunizes the baby until he can build his own immunity. It also prevents a baby from having different types of allergy and other diseases, and thus you won’t have to visit doctor more often than it’s required by regular check-ups.

There is one more important reason why you shouldn’t refuse from breast feeding. It has been long know that a very strong bounding between a mother and her child is based on it. This fact is just one more proof that sometimes mental connection between two people is based on physical one: in our case it’s food or to be more specific the process of feeding because when a mom feeds her baby she holds it so close to her heart that this little boy or girl is already able to feel all that great mother’s love, care, and tenderness.