Breastfeeding in Public

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Breastfeeding in Public

To say that new moms have a lot on their plate is a gross understatement. There are, of course, the givens: learning what to do with this little being and how to best take care of the countless issues that arise. There is no training manual or how-to guide, so when thoughts pop up like, “How will I breastfeed in public?” it’s good that others, like Alexandra Zissu, have been there before.

Zissu writes the Ask An Organic Mom feature for The Daily Green, and breastfeeding is filed under organic, because it is so implicitly an organic thing to do.

Remembering that not everyone lives in urban metropolises where no sight is too shocking, some women have real fears of putting themselves out there for all the world to see when they breastfeed in public. But that’s one of Zissu’s first points: usually the infant’s head is blocking the view, and once you get the hang of it, you’re exposed for maybe a split second.

Zissu also suggests:

  • Finding the spots in your neighborhood that are baby-friendly (i.e. with large, clean bathrooms in which to nurse)
  • Posting a message on local parenting Web sites asking others where they go to nurse. Chances are you’ll feel better going there if you know it’s a path that’s been trod before.
  • Meet up with other breastfeeding moms for lunch or teatime. The feeling of solidarity will ease your mind.
  • Invest in specific nursing shirts that allow you to stealthily get your hand in there to open your nursing bra.
  • One of the easiest is to just carry a blanket to cover your breast-feeding baby when you need to nurse on the go.

Chances are you’ll be so wrapped up with your baby you won’t even notice (or care) if anyone else is around.

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Originally written by Jac Chebatoris for Tonic