A Broken Cell Phone … the Teenager’s Worst Day Ever!

by admin

A Broken Cell Phone … the Teenager’s Worst Day Ever!

As the More is More Mom, I’m all about … more teenage flair for the dramatic! This weekend Amanda experienced her very WORST. DAY. E-V-E-R. What could have possibly happened, you may be wondering? Did Abercrombie go out of business? Did she miss out on backstage passes to a Justin Bieber concert? Did Jacob permanently turn into a werewolf? Did she cut her own bangs? No. No. No. No. Her cell phone broke …

The cell phone, as you know, is the lifeline of the American teenager. No one bothers to call the landline, unless under extreme duress. The house phone is practically obsolete. I don’t think any of these kids even know the numbers. For that matter, I’m pretty sure they don’t know any telephone numbers by heart either because they are all programmed into their sim cards, on speed dial. When I was a teenager, I could rattle off all of my friends telephone numbers as easily as I could say “two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun” (but please don’t ask me any state capitols or fractions)!

I totally get it though. Don’t you remember when you first got call waiting on your house phone? It was like a dream come true for the teenage girl. Never again would you miss an important call (unless you were on both lines, which actually was not unprecedented). There was nothing like hearing that beep and asking your friend, “Can you hang on a minute? I’ve got another call.”

I’ll never forget the day we got our first answering machine when I was in high school. I truly thought it was the most amazing invention ever (I seriously never saw the iPod coming). How exciting to record those first outgoing messages, playing music in the background so absolutely no one could understand a word of what I was saying. It was awesome. 

So I completely understand why Amanda is so distraught over the loss of her cell phone. To be perfectly honest, I have a thing for my cell phone too. There is nothing like staying connected to your friends, at all hours of the day and night, sending important messages or silly tidbits. Of course, the way these crazy plans work, we can’t get her a new phone until January 10. She nearly had a coronary when she realized she was going to be “stuck” with a GoPhone until then. No Internet. No keyboard. Just good old-fashioned one-thumb scrolling. How would she ever survive?

After huffing, puffing, and great big crocodile tears for her unfortunate predicament, Amanda was the lucky recipient of a loaner phone. Her bff Rosebud’s mom, my friend Missy, saved the day with an old pink Razor.

More generous friends, more convenient communication, more staying connected …