Building Blocks for Raising “Really Ready” Readers

by admin

Building Blocks for Raising “Really Ready” Readers

Learning to read is not as important as learning to love reading as a life-long activity.

To do this simply let your children see you reading everything; from books to road signs, to the back of cereal boxes. 

Be sure to set aside time to share books read aloud to your little (and not so little) ones. 

Involve the child in the selection of these special story times. Allow them a voice in the type of books read together as well as making it a daily routine. 

Make frequent trips to the local library and neighborhood bookstore. Encourage getting a library card or frequency book buying coupons which motivate independent skills. 

And remember, half the battle of learning to read, is actually believing that you can read so cultivate that belief with patience, guided practice, and love!