Can Cell Phones Make Parents Lazy?

by admin

Can Cell Phones Make Parents Lazy?

I understand the high demand of our needing cell phones when we are not home or if we are at the park with the kids or on an errand. However, taking advantage of this convenient device at home is just laziness—sheer laziness, I say!

I was on the computer writing this morning, waiting for my coffee to brew, and my cell phone rang at 7 a.m. I thought, who in the world would call me this early? I have kids! It was my husband. He was in bed and called me to ask if I could bring our toddler a banana. Our toddler watches Clifford in our bed when he gets up too early. Then my hubby had the guts to call again fifteen minutes later to ask me a question! He could have burned off at least five calories if he’d walked into our kitchen to talk to me both times.

No more cell phone use in my home, please! My advice is to have it turned on only during normal business hours. No one should be on the phone at 7 a.m. anyway. Holy monolly. Can mama get a little respect here? So unplug or turn off your cells when you are at home. Better yet, leave your cell phone in the car, for crying out loud.