Can Someone Explain …

by admin

Can Someone Explain …

Why do manufacturers skip over the size 9 for children?

Seriously, look at The Gap and search by size.  Where’d the 9 go?  And Old Navy? Same thing.  It’s not just those retailers either.  The chart  on the this page? That’s from Garnett Hill. There IS no size 9 for kids there either.  Why is this?   

I can deal with this size 9 thing when it comes to tops. Boys tend to like their shirts and tees to be big.  However, I think the age of nine is a little young for the jeans falling down look with the boxers sticking out. Not sure I can even handle that look when he’s seventeen  This is my personal opinion, however. I realize some of you may like that look for your third graders.

With a size 8, the length is too short for mylittle boy-wonder. A 10, the waist is too large.

I get that the age of nine is kinda ordinary as far as childhood goes.  They’re pretty much set into a routine with homework and activities. The hormones are still tame and they’ve got a hint of independence.  And as far as parenting….a nice little breather on the stress factor. But still…they still need to wear clothing.

Where are the size 9 pants?