Can You Exercise and Breastfeed Baby?

by admin

Can You Exercise and Breastfeed Baby?

If you’ve delivered your baby and taken up the habit of exercising, way to go! The only thing you need to be cautious of is producing sour milk AFTER you exercise.

Various studies have shown that lactic acid from exercising CAN change the taste of breast milk, sometimes causing infants to reject it.

But does that mean you shouldn’t continue exercising? No way! It just means you need to be a little bit more conscious of WHEN you exercise.

The good news is that your milk returns to normal after about an hour, so try to feed your baby BEFORE you workout.

If you get stuck having to feed after your workout, don’t panic. Give it a try and if your baby looks like he/she is rejecting it, it’s a good idea to have a bottle of pre-pumped breast milk ready to go.

Will breastfeeding get your body back to normal?

Unfortunately NO! You must do the RIGHT combination of cardio, strength training, and healthy eating.

Losing weight at a gradual rate of around half to one kilo per week will allow your skin to shrink back to normal with the rest of you. Your strength training will give you the shape.

Remember, it IS absolutely possible to get your body back; you just have to be smart about it!

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