Care Package Tips for Your College Son or Daughter

by admin

Care Package Tips for Your College Son or Daughter

The final-exam care package. Sending one to your collegiate son or daughter is both a way to say “I love you” and take joy in the fact that your days of studying for the dreaded finals are long gone.

But the fact that the last final exam you took was sometime during the Carter administration has you feeling a little out of touch for what students need to help them study. From sleep aids to organizing calendars, there is a wide array of items essential to any care package. Here are some tips for compiling the ultimate send-off that will leave your kids wondering why they ever left home in the first place.

Tip 1: Personality Takes Precedence
The experience you had witnessing your son or daughter studying for their high school exams will help you immensely in putting the perfect care package together. Did your kid like to pull all-nighters, or get a good night’s sleep before the big test? Did they indulge in comfort food or opt for health treats to stay on the peak of their game? You want to deliver your kids items they already know and love, so think about their habits and get them things that are within their comfort zone.

Killer Item: Instant coffee for the night owls, bedtime tea to help the early risers get their beauty rest.

Tip 2: Break Time Is Care Time
Every student has to take a break at some time, so make sure you show your kids some love when they take their mind off their studies. Sending a good magazine (Glamour for the girls, Sports Illustrated for the fellas) can give your student’s mind a welcome break from monotonous cramming. Including a DVD of one of their favorite movies can also be a great way for them to relax at the end of a long night of studying.

Killer Item: Get them a gift card to a restaurant in their town so they can get a nice meal in between study sessions.

Tip 3: Get Them Organized
I’m sure we’ve all had the same experience: you squeeze every last minute of study time into your schedule, and when you finally show up to the test you realize you forgot your pencils and pens. Don’t let your kid be that person. Send him or her all the basics: pencils, pens, erasers, etc., and they won’t have this problem.

Killer Item: One of our pocket planners can help organize their schedule so that they’re not a discombobulated mess by the time test day comes!

As long as you follow these three tips, any care package will be a smashing success. Try not to take all the credit for your son or daughter’s high marks when the final grades come in (although you’ll know deep down it was all you).

Oh, and don’t forget the home-baked cookies!