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I had to get into the DivineCaroline link and was surprised to see it is a “share your story link” … so here goes. I’m a sixty-five year old single grandma/cowboy/hick from Wyoming … ranch raised, rode horses to school, lived without electricity, the whole nine yards country deal. I have three children and nine grandchildren. Caroline Lambert Grassell was prematurely born in Jackson Hole Wyoming on Christmas day ten years ago. She is the third child of Chopper and Lynn and was soon followed by a little sister. The Grassell brood thrived in their wonderful Wyoming atmosphere, pretty much doing horses in the summer and skis in the winter. Caroline was beautiful but grew up tough, her mantra was “wait for me” as she followed the older kids. She had a terrific work ethic, always was the first dressed to go somewhere, had to finish anything she started, and razzed her grandma about cleaning her car. She loved her horse Cricket and all her life. Her oldest sibling and only brother was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was three and a half, her mom was pregnant with Mary Margaret so I was honored to move in with her and Megan her older sister for over five months. Thankfully now Will is cancer free!

Caroline was killed in the Rendezvous Parade five years ago. Her last words to me were “but its my favorite” as I told her to sit down in the float. I now hate candy throwing in parades, as much for health reasons as for this. I was there, I know it was an accident, I am old enough and smart enough to know that it is a very big dangerous world and accidents happen. I will always miss “buggs” as we called her, but I know she’s all right. Anyone reading this can come to Pinedale to ski in the Caroline Classic if they like in March (look in or just send a prayer. I can feel them. (And by the way don’t correct me on the cowboy because I use it as a verb not an adjective.) Enjoy your loved ones always. 

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