Caroline Number One

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Caroline Number One

Hi Divine Caroline Members!

I chose to use this website because when I was younger, I didn’t like my name. Caroline was not a popular name in the late 1980s. My parents loved Neil Diamond’s hit, ”Sweet Caroline” and Caroline Kennedy. I have been called Carolyn so many times, I don’t correct people unless I like them. I had a college professor that always called me Carolyn even though he KNEW my name ended with a LINE. Whatever! My name is Caroline and I now like my name because it is unique … or once was! 

I found this website from my favorite Mom Planner, creator of momAgenda LLC, Nina Restieri. Her website www.momagenda.com is amazing and has been my favorite personal & family organizer/planner book to buy each year since I was a nesting pregnant lady! I have six years of posh planners that have documented my appointments to my OB, ultra sound appointments, trips, dates when important events occurred( i.e. my water breaking), parties I planned and lunches and dinners with friends and family that I had. I look at my MomAgenda Planners to remember when my daughters’ first crawled, walked and yelled at me! I find scribbles of recipes that I may have called my Mom for or doses my husband gave me for our daughter’s antibiotic dose. I find log on names and passwords to unique websites I can’t ever forget, but do! I rarely forgot a birthday, anniversary or my husbands terrible work schedule because of my one hot pink fuchsia planner from 2005! I tell everyone and anyone about MomAgenda that I can because my past Agenda’s are now books of memories! Nina is creative, resourceful and passionate about helping others organize their life and their children’s lives! Yes, there is space for up to 4 kids separate activities and appointments! If you surf to www.momagenda.com you will find on the left hand side a link named PRINTABLES. Nina has put together documents to record babysitter information, important phone numbers, back to school lists, to do list even a Holiday present list!

So, I found www.DivineCaroline.com in my Mom Agenda’s important website list! I am so grateful to find this amazing center of information and sharing!

Caroline LeCrone