Celeb Mothers: The Ultimate Working Mom?

by admin

Celeb Mothers: The Ultimate Working Mom?

With many of Hollywood’s leading ladies in the midst or on the brink of motherhood, the spotlight is shining on celebrity mommies and their living/coping strategies. While they dazzle us with their maternity wardrobes and pre- and post-exercise regimes, it’s hard to ignore that their every move is on public display for all to see and critique. (And boy, do we critique!)

Being six months pregnant myself and ever fighting the urge to hide my head under a rock to avoid another piece of “well-intentioned,” unsolicited advice, I have to wonder: are celeb moms the ultimate working moms? Because, despite the glamour and the fame, their motherhood is just another Hollywood blockbuster for every Tom, Dick, and Martha to review. Remember Kate Moss and her love for gas? Yeah, case in point.

When female celebrities announce they are pregnant, they are either revered or subtly shunned, based on Hollywood’s internal hierarchy. If you’re Angelina or Cate, you can graduate to more mature roles that don’t necessarily revolve around having perky breasts and a Barbie-doll waist. But if you are an upcoming no-name star with secondary roles in Disney productions, a pregnancy could mean a faster death to your career than in any other industry. Remember Jamie Lynn Spears?

Whether or not you survive career suicide at the point of pregnancy, your body, your diet, your behavior, and your parenting are all fair game for gossip sites and mainstream news sources. Can you imagine making the transition into motherhood and battling physical and mental demons with the whole world watching and commenting? So Angelina’s kids eat Cheetos, whose kids don’t? And doesn’t Suri Cruise actually need a break from the media more than anything else? Further, your ability to do long shoots in obscure locations for extended periods of time is indefinitely impaired, and if you do jump back in too early, you’re under the gun for being a potentially negligent parent. But if you stay away too long, celeb oblivion has a chauffeur-limo waiting at your door.

You may think this case of sympathy for celeb moms is a bit misplaced. After all, it’s unlikely that us “mortal” women will have the ability to hire a nanny per kid, or to rent out the whole world for a birthday party, but at least we can celebrate our parenting victories and overcome our shortcomings in private, away from the degrading eye of the media or of hypocritical mothers who spend more time minding other people’s families than their own. (Don’t even get me started on the men who do the same.) So, I would like to take this moment to show my support for all the celeb moms out there—it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. I’m just glad it’s them and not me.