Celebrity Slimming Secrets Revealed

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Celebrity Slimming Secrets Revealed

Hi Michelle!

How do all of those celebrities get back into shape so quickly after delivery? I realize they have access to trainers and chefs, but still, I’ve read often enough that pregnancy is nine months up and nine months down!

So, can normal women like ourselves get the weight off sooner than nine months?


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Great question, Tracey!

Yes, there has been a ton of coverage lately on pregnant celebrities—not only on how much weight they’ve gained, but how fast they’re losing it post-partum.

My opinion on this subject: sure, most women do lose a significant amount of weight in the hospital (I know I lost 15 pounds, of course you should also know that I did put on 43), but these celebrities are spending a lot of time and money getting their bodies back in shape—it’s their job. In fact, there were even stories about the pressure on celebrity moms and how they’ve been turning to elective C-sections to avoid gaining a ton of weight and that swollen look in those last few weeks.

There’s no doubt these celebrities have to put in the effort to lose the weight, but it definitely helps to have someone prepare healthy, low-fat meals for you, a personal fitness trainer several times a week to put you through the ropes, and of course a great stylist, hairdresser, and makeup artist to get you “picture-perfect” for your first post-baby photo op.

So what does this mean for you?

The general rule for post-pregnancy weight loss is nine months. This rule helps women to set realistic expectations about their weight loss so they don’t get depressed every time they look in the mirror or try on their pre-pregnancy skinny clothes.

However, having said that, I’m also going to say that it is possible to shake it off earlier. I managed to lose my weight at the four- to five-month mark. Admittedly, though, toning my tummy was a lot more work and took a little longer than the pounds.

Exercising, eating well, keeping active, and caring for your baby will help you lose weight quickly.

More specifically, a good formula for weight loss is four workouts per week. And when I say workout, I mean cardiovascular exercise like jogging, swimming, cycling, or even skipping. Start with cardiovascular exercise and then do strength training (with weights or your own body weight) to tone your body.

Make sure that you don’t get stuck in the trap of just doing cardio exercise to lose your baby flab. You will see the number on the scale going down, but it will not give you that tight, taught look—only strength training will do that.

In terms of food, eliminate all the junk food (including sugary cereals) and stick to low carbs, good quality protein, and lots and lots of vegetables.