Channeling Your Inner Fertility Goddess, Aphrodite!

by FertilityTies

Channeling Your Inner Fertility Goddess, Aphrodite!

In Greek Mythology, Aphrodite is described as the daughter of Zeus and Dione or being born from the sea. Her name means “foam-born.” Aphrodite is the Goddess of beauty, fertility, and sexual love. In Greek, Aphro (April) is short for Aphrodite and the Roman equivalent is Venus.


No, you’re not back in ancient history class … promise.


Aphrodite is the Goddess of beauty, fertility, love, and sexuality! My goodness she’s a busy Goddess! The month of April is such an appropriate month for Aphrodite given it means her name but also the cycle of creation on this green earth which begins with spring.


The crocuses are popping out of the hard ground showing their beautiful white and purple flowers, a sure sign that spring is blooming.


Can you feel the energy shift, a shift to more of feminine focus, not only in the month, but also in the planet?


During the heat of our fertility challenges my main focus was on the “to do’s” of fertility. What time to take the injections, the blood levels, the proper diet, the proper semen specimen … and looking back now the masculine energy was in the forefront, leaving the yin-yang of male/female energy a bit wacky and imbalanced, my feminine side a bit hidden.


Do you feel that too? That connecting to your feminine side, that sexy, flirty side is a bit dormant?


April is the perfect month to channel your inner Aphrodite … your inner Goddess of love, fertility, and sexuality!


You can do this by creating a ritual of connecting with your inner and outer beauty. Go dancing, paint your toes, wear a special outfit, or write in your gratitude journal ten things each day about your body that you are grateful for! Or, wear a special piece of jewelry so that when you touch it you remember how powerful you are as a woman.


These simple acts will create an opening for your inner Aphrodite to shine all your inner and outer beauty, while staying in balance. One thing I know for sure is that by creating a container for the feminine, your masculine energy will also become more in balanced.


So, Goddess shine upon us!


By Kristen Magnacca for FertilityTies.com