Chemical vs. Organic Rant

by admin

Chemical vs. Organic Rant

News flash! Everything in this earth, and I am going to make an assumption, but most likely in the universe is made of chemicals, people.

All this, “I don’t want that because it’s a chemical or I don’t eat that because it’s full of chemicals—well duh! Of course it is. Everything is. Water, gold, salt, sugar … hello. Water is simple but is made up with two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen to form H2O; many things we see and come in contact with are made up of chemicals/and molecules. A chemical substance exists as solid, liquid, or gas. Yes, there are some that can harm you and there some that help. And a lot that do both. But just because it is all natural doesn’t mean it will not harm you and vice verse. For example, take the natural occurring plant marijuana, good ol‘ Mary Jane, the wacky weed, this is naturally occurring in nature but we also know that it is five times more likely to cause lung cancer than cigarettes (why we want to legalize this when we sued the big tobacco companies, I don’t know). Yes, it has medicinal purposes but it should be used in caution, if used at all, just as any other prescriptive drug, like say, Norco. (Now that is some good stuff, so I hear.) This is a painkiller, to be used with caution …

Would you like another example of something organic … take sugar, I’ll do one better, organic sugar, when used moderately, actually according to the American Food Pyramid “sparingly” it is not harmful and is actually beneficial. But it’s when we are not responsible and consume more than we need that can lead us down a path of possibilities—obesity, diabetes, infections, gum disease (yikes), amputations … Now, should we ban this from are diet because it can do harm, well I say, no. (Is sugar in syrup? Then yes—elf.)

I guess my point is, whether it is a naturally occurring chemical or whether we happened to discover the actual makeup of the naturally occurring chemical and configure molecules/atoms/elements to build a similar compound into something useful and more readily available, we should be using caution but not be alarmed because it is man-made. Instead, be informed. Read peer reviewed articles discussing the pros and cons, side effects, benefits, dosage, contraindications. Does it react with other meds, vitamins, herbal supplements, foods … how does it affect any or other health problems/issues. The key is understanding and not overreacting (which I usually do—the latter that is.)

Why am I ranting about this? Fluoride, herbal supplements, that are not regulated but are both beneficial and harmful when mixed with other meds and/or health conditions, GMO food. Don’t get me wrong, I am actually pretty green tree huggin‘ wannabe type. I love my Trader Joes, farmers markets, and sprouts. It just seems like it tastes better, better quality, and I am a sucker for the locally grown, independent organic farmers, fair trade, equal opportunity, unions, save the planet type. I am torn on the GMO vs. organic. I love both, and can see the pluses and minuses of both. I have had allergic reactions to both organic products/natural products and plants and “chemically man made products.” I also enjoy the benefits of both. I believe in temperance in all things …. there is always two sides of every story and extremes or too much of one thing is not good, as well as too little. … There is something to be said for literacy … I think this is a skill that is under appreciated these days.  

I could go on for days with endless examples of great things that have come to pass that weren’t naturally here (computers…) and vise verse, that would be supporting my point but I will end my rant. Cheers!