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Child Raising Instructions

I wonder how many books there are out there that teach you how to raise your child? I'm sure there are good ideas in them but where was the book specific for raising each of my children? They didn't have one attached to them as they were born. Nobody delivered a specific manual on my particular child ahead of time. Did you get one? Perhaps one of these days they will create a baby scanner, so when your child is born, you just scan their bar code and up pops instructions! Until then I guess we need to remember that each child is an individual.
Given that fact, can you imagine how large a book would need to be to cover each child in the world ? By the time you'd finish reading it, your child would be reading one on how to care for the elderly; meaning you and me! I have found that there are no set rules or idea's that work every time or with every child. There are, however, things I feel that each do share a need for. One is to know that life is a learning experience. That includes learning to make good choices. That in itself does not guarantee success but it gives you a better chance of it. Next, is to know that just like everyone else, they are going to make mistakes and that’s okay. Learn from them and move forward. One gift you can give them is the tools to choose wisely in whatever comes their way. Also, children need to be treated with love and patience. They need you to spend time with them. Even if you work, you could set aside some time each day to just be with them; listen to what they say; let them share what's important to them. Children need to know, as well as feel they have value. Remember, it's not immature to play dress up with them or color; or do puzzles; or play with play dough or blocks. If they have fun doing it, then once in awhile share that special moment with them. Do it as often as you can. I bet in years to come they will cherish those times. If they don't, that's okay too. You tried your best and that makes you a winner no matter what!

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