Childbirth On the Way to Hospital

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Childbirth On the Way to Hospital

I have another beautiful little girl. This family loves a little drama and our newest addition is no exception. About five o’clock on Friday October 30, 2009 I started to have contractions. I called the doctor at about 5:20 pm she said to wait about an hour to be sure this was really labor since I could still talk calmly through contractions. At about 5:30 pm my water broke and there was no more calm discussion during contractions. We called the doctor and left for the hospital.

A little history may be of interest. My first child was born two hours after the first serious contraction. My second child was born three hours after induction was initiated. I was hoping for a fast labor but what was about to happen was not what I meant.

I had set up a draft text message to let interested family and friends know when we left for the hospital so after calling the doctor, I hit send. The texts came flying back with well wishes. The doctor called back and talked with my husband and asked if she should order an epidural. I told my husband there might not be enough time, they both chuckled and the epidural was going to be ordered. We were about one third of the way there.

Contractions kept coming, about a minute apart. At about the half way point I had a three minute respite. Then came the contraction that didn’t hurt … and the desire to push. I told my husband that he was not going to be happy. He asked if the contractions stopped. I told him that it was time to push. He replied with a very long, very loud series of no’s. After another three minute break, the contraction came when I needed to push and delivered the baby right there in the front seat of the car on the on ramp to the highway at about the two thirds point of our journey.

I asked my husband to look, he again delivered the series of no’s. Then made some retching sounds as I put the baby across my lap. I asked if we should pull over and he said he didn’t know what he was doing and was going to get me where people knew what to do as fast as possible. The baby seemed like a bad color and making noises that did not sound good. My husband produced paper towels from out of nowhere and helped me pat her back to get a more normal breathing sound.

We were at the turn to get to the emergency room when a lady in front of us just wouldn’t turn. He laid on the horn and yelled out the window “My wife just had a baby in the car and we have to get to the ER, please turn now!” She turned, and pulled over, my husband passed her and pulled into the ER semi-circle at 6:00 pm. The lady from the turn pulled in behind us and started shouting helpful instructions, she was an ER nurse coming into work.

The entire ER staff came out to the car. They asked if I was o.k., I wanted them to help the baby. They explained that she was a normal color and they just needed to suction her airways. She started crying. They cut the cord. I moved from the front seat of the van to the wheelchair and they took me to labor and delivery. My poor husband had several offers to help clean up the van and took them up on it. Then he got lost on the way. It wasn’t until 6:25 pm that he was informed that both the baby and I were doing fine and where to find us. Then the doctor came in, it was about fifteen minutes before she started a sentence with anything other than she was sorry to make us wait. We both decided that while this is an interesting way to have a baby, it should be scrapped from all birth plan options.