Childproofing Your Home In Ten Simple Steps

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Childproofing Your Home In Ten Simple Steps

Your home needs to be safe for all of your children or grandchildren. It is not expensive to do, and it does not take a great deal of time. All of the expense and effort is going to be well worth it in the end as you will have a safe place for the kids to dwell. Use the following guide to help you make the most of your childproofing efforts.

1) Children are just very little people with the curiosity level of a cat. In order to find all of the things around the home that truly need to be childproofed, you need to get down to their level to spot any dangers that you would have not otherwise noticed.

2) Cabinet locks are not only going to keep your child safe, they are going to play a big role in saving your sanity. Cabinet locks or latches are inexpensive and can be installed quickly and easily.

3) The toilet latch. This is one that you do not want to forget. The toilet is not only a drowning hazard, it is also one of the most luring things for small children. There are many things around the house that make a great splash and once a child enjoys the glory of throwing your remote control or phone into it, they are never going to stop. Taking a minute to install the toilet latch may save your child's life as well as your remote control's.

4) Sharp edges should definitely be shielded with bumpers. They now make bumpers for coffee tables and other pieces of furniture that may cause a serious injury if your child was to hit his head on it. They are quickly installed and will really relieve your nerves as your child runs by the table.

5) Faucet covers in the tub are going to make it safer to bathe small children. It only takes a minute for your child to stand up and slip in the tub, and if you do not have the cover on the faucet, they could easily hit their head and be quite seriously hurt.

6) Put some decorative decals or a bath mat in the bathtub to prevent slipping and falls. They will also keep your little one's bottom from sliding all over the place and possibly losing their balance and going under the water. Cheap, easy to install and a lifesaver.

7) Outlet plugs need to be placed in each electrical socket around the house. It does not take much to entertain a small child and sticking something in those sockets is enough to keep them going until they are electrocuted. These plugs will help to prevent them from sticking anything in the sockets and only cost a few cents each.

8) The cords that are on window blinds or shades must be kept up. If this means that you install a hook at the top of your windows to hang them, so-be-it. Keeping them up will protect your child from potentially being strangled in the cord.

9) Kids of many ages are going to be tempted to eat houseplants. You must make sure that all of the plants that you have in your home are not poisonous.

10) Handle covers on doorknobs make it easy for you to keep your child out of a room that is not childproofed. They take only seconds to install and can play a big part in keeping your child safe.

Childproofing is likely one of the most important projects that you will take on around your home. Follow the steps in this guide for a great start in your childproofing project.

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