Children Are Who They Are Inside Themselves!

by admin

Children Are Who They Are Inside Themselves!

I have one daughter. Other than the morals, values, and traditions that I was taught by my mother, I had no preconceived thoughts about how I was going to raise her—other than knowing that knew I didn’t want to raise her with the same restrictions that I was raised with, which was pretty much to be seen and not heard. I knew I wanted my daughter to be assertive, to have a point of view, and to be independent. The rest was pretty much trial and error. I think my daughter has taught me a lot—just by me witnessing who she was, and by the words that came out of her mouth.

Children really do learn by what they see—not  what you say—especially if your actions contradict what you are telling them. I learned from being an elementary teacher that children learn best by example, demonstration, and trying things on their own!

Children should be asked a lot of questions like: What do you think? How do you feel about it? What would you do? As a result, they become independent thinkers and learn to do things in accordance with their own perception and conception of things, versus what parents think they should learn and become.

I think children should be raised to be observers of their world and people, and draw conclusions based on what they think, not what others tell them or what books tell them.

In essence, I don’t think values, morals, or traditions should be verbally instilled into children—they have eyes and ears.

Children should be raised to look inside themselves and to draw from the inner self—not the outer via media stimuli.

Children should be raised to be the creative beings that they are meant to be. They should learn what their gifts and talents are, and utilize them to become all that they can become so they can see the value and worth of other people that share the same worth. They should use their gifts and talents to be of service to each other!