Children: Life’s Most Precious Gift

by Bee

Children: Life’s Most Precious Gift

I can remember when I was in elementary school knowing two things I definitely wanted in life. One was to be a mother (and to be married of course), and the second was to be a teacher.


Now, in my fifties, I look back to my most memorable experiences and realize how blessed I was to have both goals fulfilled.


I often had the opportunity to use the knowledge I gained with my students on my own children and vice versa. I certainly could understand the growing pains that my children and students experienced on a daily basis.


The lesson I believe that was most crucial was that all children, mine or the ones in my classroom, were all loved unconditionally! Yes, there were many times when I had to count to ten and remind myself of this basic philosophy but it was one that traveled so far and brightened the darkest moment in a child’s life. I often shared with parents who asked me for advice and I would say six words “Don’t ever give up on him/her.” This was always followed by, “But it is so hard—they always seem to get into trouble, etc.” I would respond, “Yes, but they need to know you always love them.”


Sounds like a simple plan but one that is so effective and lasting.


They are our gifts. “Babies are God’s way of saying that life must go on!” So keep on nuturing your children whether they are two or thirty-two! I always kiss my children ages thirty-two, thirty, and twenty-three and say, “I love you” and mean it as much as ever!