Children’s Behavior and Psychical World

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Children’s Behavior and Psychical World

The scientific method of dream interpretation gives you the possibility to understand your children´s psychical world only by translating their dreams. This is a tool that will help you very much, since you´ll be able to follow the development of their personality.

Many times they will see nightmares and wake up afraid.. You have to be able to translate their bad dreams, explaining them what the unconscious mind is showing them through dream messages, so that they may have the right attitude before the difficulties of their transformation in real human beings, being this way able to face with courage and self-confidence all the challenges of life.

You´ll have the chance to correct their wrong impressions and eliminate their fears, since the unconscious mind will reflect in their dreams everything that is happening in their psychical world.

This vision will be very helpful for you, especially when they will acquire a new brother or sister, and feel jealous.

You´ll have the chance to help them accept the new child without considering him or her a rival, but as a friend that they should love, preventing the formation of a serious complex of inferiority, or even the formation of hate in their hearts.

Many times their jealousy is hidden, because they don´t want to reveal you their feelings. You have to notice that it exists though, so that you may eliminate its poisonous influence.

This is why you need the indispensable knowledge that will reveal to you everything that your children don´t tell you with clear words, because they are afraid of your reactions, or because they don´t understand what is really happening to them.

Your children´s dreams will show you how you have to treat them, so that they may grow up having a strong personality, and live far from all mental illnesses.

You should teach them to care for their dreams, besides teaching them how they should translate their own dreams by themselves, so that they may have this knowledge too, what will help them acquire a mature attitude in life from the beginning, and overcome all the problems of adolescence with calm and comprehension, instead of feeling lost, and becoming aggressive.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method will be a bridge that will unite you and your children, giving you the possibility to help them in all ways, especially when they will have their first relationship, since this is a very difficult stage in their lives. They have to be able to find the right person for them, by criticizing their reactions, and judging their personality.

They may need to accept rejection, or to look for another boyfriend or girlfriend, because they are in love with the wrong person, what means that they will only suffer with them.

Dream interpretation will help them avoid all frustrations, and teenage depression.

Your children will learn how to pay attention to all points of reality and how to develop all their psychological functions, becoming always more intelligent.

The development of their intelligence and capacities will help them very much in their studies too, since they will have an extraordinary memory, clear thoughts and real sensitivity.

They will become adults that know who they are and who know what they really want in life. This means that they will easily find peace and happiness, and that they will help their social environment with their extraordinary sense of responsibility, with their generosity and with all the talents that will characterize their wise personality.