The Chip Angel

by admin

The Chip Angel

"Moments of quiet can mean restoration for a soul that lives in a mother's body. On the other hand, any down time couldresult in moredamage control"

I do not know what possessed me to agreeably nod at my 3-yr old boy when his eyes wanted my approval. Landon clearly put great work into corralling a family style, jumbo size, bag of Doritos from the kitchen pantry. As I was using our hall bathroom with the door open of course, I saw him breeze by clutching the world's largest bag of chips!!! It did not seem strange at that moment because it was one of those times when I would give anything for my name to not be “MOM”… Consequently, whatever he wanted in urgency seemed to coincide with what looked like a solid trade for a moment of SILENCE; the slow intravenous drip of sanity.

Landon cannot yet grasp the responsibility of an individual grab bag of chips, without transposing it to a mommy project. With his three siblings to contend with, no doubt I can lean on exhaustion as my excuse for this small mistake that changed the course of my schedule. Nonetheless, more than two minutes had passed before I heard something deliberate in my toddler's room. Ugh, no time to wash my hands! It was unlike a typical situation or accident since I could hear him giggling his head off.

What a lovely chip angel he made with his entire body flailed out over his bed!

The truth is even when I knew better; I still got frustrated with his behavior. In a calculated way, I informed him he only had one choice: "If you are going to play with your snacks in bed then you will sleep with them too!"