Choosing Names for Twins

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Choosing Names for Twins

You’ve just found out that you will be having twins in nine months (and sometimes less). There is a lot of preparing to do, not the least of which is coming up with names for each new addition to the family. The names that are chosen follow your children throughout their lives, making the decision a very important one. Finding the perfect name for your baby can be fun and frustrating at the same time. Choosing the perfect twin baby names, well, you may perhaps have more of a struggle.

It helps to know the sex of your babies, as your list will be much shorter. But, many parents revel in the element of surprise and will pick out several combinations of names that will suit their babies whether they be boys, girls or one of each. Either way, here are some unique ideas and examples specific to naming twins.

  • Names that start with the same letter: Hailey and Hannah, Mark and Matthew, Kate and Kevin
  • Names that rhyme or have a similar sound: Megan and Morgan, Tyler and Taylor, Jason and Mason, Chloe and Zoe 
  • Names that use anagrams (all the same letters arranged differently): Alan and Lana, Evan and Neva
  • One name spelled in reverse: Heaven and Nevaeh, Aidan and Nadia, Noel and Leon
  • Names with the same or similar meaning: Corinne and Corrina (both mean maiden in Greek), Chad and Kellie (both mean warrior in Celtic and Irish), Rose and Daisy (both types of flowers), Aspen and Laurel (both types of trees)

Who knew that choosing names for twins involved so much thought and so many unique ideas? With all there is to choose from, parents have to do a bit more searching to find the ideal names to fit each of their twins. Start early so there’s time to come up with a list of promising names that you can then narrow down until you find the perfect choices for two boys, two girls, or boy and girl duos. 

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