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Christmas 2010

It never really hit me that my babies would become teenagers. I have a twelve-year-old and a nine-year-old. They were the sweetest children. They always looked forward to “Sanna Cause” and wanted see the Macy’s light show and then go to Strawbridge’s to see the Scrooge Village. So it breaks my heart that now that they are older, they have gotten a taste of this screwed up world and how the holidays are materialistic. We were looking through the Toys R Us catalog and there was no “Ohh, Mom, I want this.” No excitement, no nothing. It was a list of four—yes four—things: a pink laptop, one DSi, a digital camera, and an iPod Nano. My heart broke, and I looked at my kids and rolled my eyes. I said they are not babies anymore. They are two spoiled people who really don’t see the reason for the holiday. So I decided to have them pick out gifts for Toys for Tots. On Christmas Eve, my family bags toys and we take them to other families who are having a hard time with getting their children things. Last year we left our kinds in the house and we went out and knocked on doors, surprising a lot of children. This year I will do the same but I will bring my children along to show the there are people in this world who are not in the position they are in. I may get them gifts and their dad may do the same. My husband also, but, I really want to teach my kids a lesson on how to be grateful for your life and the family you have.

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