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Circle of Love

Who knew? Everyone told me that “being a grandparent would be so different, so magical, nothing like the way you love your children.” Unsure as to how it would be and embracing what would happen when my grandchildren arrived, nothing could have prepared me for the emotions and intensity that I have experienced. Kylyn is now four years old and seems to be twenty-four … her vocabulary and expressions belie the fact that she is a mere four! She is such an endearing waif, a slip of a beauty, she tips her head and says, “I love you so much, Ganya.” Her love and concern for me are always at the top of the seemingly endless questions she has for me when we are together. She has such an incredible curiosity about life and wants answers for everything!

Her brother Jack is two years old, and is the life of the party, he laughs when he falls down and if he thinks you are laughing at him he becomes the appealing clown for all the world to see and enjoy. We almost lost Jack due to a misdiagnosis, and just the thought of that brings me to tears and a reminder that life is so very precious. Kylyn and Jack have brought me such joy and are always able to erase any reminders of a bad day, sadness of any kind, just by their excitement whenever I arrive at their home. They race from wherever they are, with peals of laughter and loud cries of “Ganya” from Kylyn and as Jack tries to emulate his sister—“Ga-Ga.” Running into my arms and holding me close is what makes life worthwhile. My daughter Melissa and her husband John have poured so much love and care into their children, that it overflows towards everyone that comes in contact with Ky and Jack. Who would have guessed that years ago as I held Melissa in my arms and whispered “I love you” that her children would whisper in mine “I love you Ganya.” Today, my life has been enriched and blessed by the circle of love that began a long time ago. Who knew?

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