Cloth or Disposables?

by admin

Cloth or Disposables?

One major decision we had to make when we brought our baby home was whether or not we would be using disposable diapers 24/7. It wasn’t so hard to decide since our pediatrician practically bullied us into using cloth diapers. Why? Well, for one it’s pretty hot in the city we live in and using disposables would result to rashes. Another nice thing about using cloth diapers is that it’s environmentally friendly and cheap. We’re lucky to have a nanny and she does the baby’s laundry, too. Cloth diapers are way cooler on baby’s skin. Although we use disposable diapers at night (or else we would ruin our matrimonial bed), cloth diapers rule during the day.

Our pediatrician shared to us that one of his patients (a three-month-old) had a Urinary Tract Infection after an entire night passed without a diaper change. The baby’s mother simply forgot to change the diaper that time. Well, the bacteria from the pee and poo found its way to the poor baby’s urethra; thus, the infection. By using cloth diapers, mothers and nannies are prompted to change it since babies always cry once their diapers are wet/dirty.

All in all, I’d go for a good mix of cloth and disposables. But definitely, it’s cloth for me during the day. It might take a little more effort to wash and iron these, but it’s definitely worth the baby’s pink and rash-free skin. Not to mention UTI prevention.