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I see the clouds of rain up high
Without them we would be quite dry,
Whenever we see clouds of gray
Just know the rainbow’s on its way!
Soft rains make seeds to sprout anew
And then when all this rain is through,
Come harvest all of earth’s great bounty
From farm to market and city to county.
Fluffy clouds like cotton candy
“Cumulous,” so fine and dandy,
A grand parade goes floating by
With dancing bears up in the sky!
“Cirrus” clouds look like bed sheets
Thin and white, like taffy, sweet,
A sunny day presents itself,
“Go fly a kite upon a shelf!”
Dark thunder claps warn stormy weather
I hide beneath my pillow, feathered,
As lightning cracks and then resounds
Count ten seconds; hit the ground!
Sometimes when clouds fill up with snow
Way up high where it is cold.
Like angel dust, it heals the land
With nitrogen, and has a plan.
Ground revived and air brand new
Reflecting pale pink, green, and blue,
A double rainbow in the sky
Reminds us when God gave a sigh.
Clouds are like the lives we lead
A proverb that we should take heed,
Although some days be dark and gray
The sun will always find its way!


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