From a Colander to a Bowl

by admin

From a Colander to a Bowl

About 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 21, 2008, we felt the oncoming typhoon named Frank. We missed the update of tracking the typhoon, thinking all the while that it crossed the country on Saturday afternoon hitting the Visayas region. However, it changed course in the general direction northwest of Luzon. So, on Saturday evening, I woke up because of strong winds lashing our rooftop, accompanied by a strong rain and a sudden loss of electricity. It was a total blackout, a signal that the typhoon had indeed arrived. We did not sleep anymore until the morning light came out on the following day.

Around three o’clock in the morning, the rain and winds came stronger and the water began rising. We could see the street in front of our house turn into a raging swollen river. Suddenly, the water started coming into our house: it was rising so fast until it was thigh deep. It lasted for four hours and all the furniture was floating inside our house. Our feet were all soaked, like having a foot spa. The good thing was when the rain abated, the water receded fast.

At eight o’clock in the morning, we were already cleaning our house from the flood waters and the silt. We did this the whole day Sunday and each one of us enjoyed being the first to experience the flood inside our house. To make things lighter while working, I kept telling jokes with my family about when I was young after the typhoon. Back then, it was not a problem for us to clean our house from flood waters because our house was like a colander. The floors were full of holes and made up of light materials. It was our roof then that was always blown away. Now, the roof is intact but the floor is like a bowl in which the water could not just flow out freely because it is made of concrete. So, what I mean is, at least we improved our shelter from just a colander into a bowl made of porcelain. By the way, we just transferred to our new house here in Lucena City on June 7, 2008. I guess it was just a part of welcoming us to this kind of experience.

On a serious note, I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to all the victims of typhoon Frank, especially those who perished in land and at sea. I will pray for their souls to the Good Lord and may His Eternal Light shine on them always.