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WTF Is Bullet Journaling, Even?

You've seen this trend all over Pinterest and Instagram. Bullet journaling is a fun, colorful way to organize your life, set goals, and make plans.

You've been seeing it all over Instagram and Pinterest. The gorgeous, handwriting-that-looks-like-actual-computer-font notebook pages unconstrained by lines and filled with stickers, doodles, and perfection. This, dear reader, is called bullet journaling. It's kind of a cross between a to-do list, a journal, and a vision board. Journaling for the non-journaler. Planning for people anywhere on the Type A/Type B spectrum.



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So what can you use it for? Goal-setting, habit-tracking, to-do lists, or just as a place to keep all those little lists and notes that seem to be floating all over your desk, kitchen, and car. Meal-planning, grocery lists, logs of books read and movies watched—those all have a home in your bullet journal. Check out the official Bullet Journal website for even more inspiration and easy-to-maintain techniques.



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Terms You Should Know:

Bullet journal: journaling and note-taking with bullet points to organize/create a system

Index: a table of contents (that can be updated as you go)

Daily Log: things you did and/or need to do today

Monthly Log: traditional month calendar, plus to-dos for this month and things you missed last month

Future Log: year-at-a-glance calendar where you can put events and long- and short-term goals

Rapid Logging: symbols or shorthand to save time and make your journal even cuter

Migration: you'll migrate tasks you didn't complete into the next day or next month as needed



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Start with the basics—pick up a cute square-ruled Moleskine or dotted Leuchtturm1917 journal, some lettering markers or fine point Sharpie pens, and get to work.

The beauty of the bullet journal is that you can customize it however you want. Use your own symbols and tracking systems. Figure out what works for you, your schedule, and how you need bullet journaling to work in your life. If it's not working for you, you won't keep up with it. So spend some extra time planning it out and refining your methods so you'll actually save time in the long run!


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