Contemplations by an Insomniac Mom

by admin

Contemplations by an Insomniac Mom

What is it about the quiet of the late evening that brings out the creative juices in this midnight writer? When the children are asleep, the spouse/partner is counting sheep-only then are you be unencumbered and able to think. All day long the responsibility of being the Mom, the partner, the friend, the worker, etc fades away in the solitude of the alone hours in the wee hours of the late night.

True creativity starts where the quiet places are. When we are experiencing our lives we get caught up without the vantage point of reflection. Maybe not at midnight, but, try to find a time that belongs only to you for the purpose of reflection. How do you recharge when you are being pulled in sixteen different directions? How do fill up your emotional cup when it is being drained throughout the waking day? Perhaps more time could be spent on answering these questions?

My belief is that the sweetness of a life is in the reflection of living it. As a result of our fast paced existence we don’t usually give ourselves the space to pause, reflect. and just plain experience. Some of us have found a way to do that when all else is quiet. In the early morning hours before the sun rises is also an opportunity to reflect, unless of course, if you have young children who wake up like roosters to the dawn.

Different ages, different stages; not only in your children’s lives, but, also in your own. Don’t feel guilty that you need to recharge, share intimacies that have seemed to fade. Being a Mom doesn’t have to mean giving up ones identity. Prior to becoming a Mom we all had vibrancy in our existence with definition to our lives, don’t forget that now. Find a way to tap into the core of yourself to discover the places that need to be nurtured. You will be a better you when you feel filled up in expression of your own dreams and goals.

As we continue together on this road parenting our children lest we not forget to parent ourselves. I am reminded of a quote I just saw from Gandhi where he said, ‎”Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviors. Keep your behaviors positive because your behaviors become your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.”

In the light of day, if we begin to integrate the reflections of the previous day, we are that much closer to achieving our own happiness. Be present and mindful that you too need to have dreams that can be fulfilled.