Corky Crocs?

by admin

Corky Crocs?

Come to think of it, I had sworn off Crocs. Looking at the designs that were first introduced to the market, I couldn’t understand why people would cough up their hard-earned money for these hideous footwear. However, I had to get Trisha a new pair of shoes on a trip to Hong Kong. And, it had to be Crocs! The girl had been stealthily hounding me to get her a pair for months. She may deny this now but she had been leading me to the Crocs store at SM to show me the style that she liked best. The girl is a strategist in the making, believe me.

The day we got to Hong Kong, we walked the blocks around our hotel to become familiar with the lay of the area. When we passed by a Crocs store, of course, I was urged to check out the display. I didn’t say anything, didn’t make any commitment, and ignored the shine in her eyes when they fell on her dream pair.

That night, she showed me that the ballerina shoes she brought with her were dangerously coming to the end of their usefulness from our hours of walking. I conceded that I would have to get her a new pair. Crocs, maybe.

We left our hotel very early the next day to beat the crowds going to Disneyland. I brought Trisha’s Havaianas, just in case her shoes would indeed fall off her feet. After going around Disney almost the whole day, the shoes were utterly finished. It was past 6 p.m when we left Disneyland. Of course, we were dead tired! Did that stop the girl from deciding against going to the Crocs store? Certainly not! 

I stood there, silently watching as Trisha tried on several pairs. It appeared to me as she was doing her business very quickly in case I changed my mind about getting her a pair. 

She finally settled on a pair of silver Malindi. She didn’t like the ones with jibbitz. They are sooo kindergarten, she said.

When we got back to the hotel, I got really curious. What’s the big deal with these Crocs? I had to try them on. Good thing that Trisha and I are of the same shoe size. 

Well, they did feel light and comfortable, and the design that she chose was easy on the eyes, too.

Hmmm …

Fortunately, on my next trip to Manila, there was a big Crocs sale; and after my sisters and I spent hours rummaging through boxes and boxes of them, I bought two more pairs, Peacock and Ruby Primas! I did say they were comfortable and easy on the eyes, didn’t I?