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Crack Rabbit

Driving down the interstate the other day my four-year-old pointed out a billboard for Bunny Bread with the familiar red, blue, and yellow color scheme.

“Mommy, are the bread rabbit and the chocolate milk rabbit friends?”

It took me a second to realize that the chocolate milk rabbit was the Nesquick bunny. Obviously we are well-schooled in highly nutritious foods at our house.

“I don’t know baby … they probably are friends.”

“Well, you know what I call that bread rabbit?”

“What do you call that bread rabbit?”

“Crack rabbit … that bread rabbit is a crack rabbit.”

“And that chocolate milk rabbit is just milk rabbit. But that bread rabbit? It’s a crack rabbit.”

Come to think of it, white bread probably is the crack of the grains family.

Originally published on BlondeMomBlog

Photo courtesy of Jamie Reeves

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